Group Dashboard Guide & Template
Group Dashboard Guide & Template

Group Dashboard Guide & Template

We think group organisers can really benefit from knowing who's who at their group.

We suggest recording this info, and keeping it in a database called your Group Dashboard.

This page will give you everything you need to build and maintain a Group Dashboard in your EA group! Our Group Dashboard is built on Airtable.

System overview


Click here to open our Group Dashboard template for you to duplicate and input your data


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Logging Events & Programs

Logging 1-1s

Weekly 1-1 Check-Ins

  • Make a weekly meeting where everyone in your group who does 1-1s meets to do their weekly check-ins
  • Check in with everyone you assigned to check in with that week and then decide when to next check in with them that week
  • Add or remove who you are checking in with

Using your phone

Use the Airtable app to view the note on someone before your 1-1 with them

Add a shortcut to your phone to access your 1-1 log form


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