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EA Books Direct

EA Books Direct


We run https://eabooksdirect.com/ as a way to easily send you EA books.


Why get books?

We think that getting group members to read books on EA-relevant topics is a great way to increase their engagement and knowledge of EA.

Someone might spend 10 hours reading a book, and it takes no extra time investment from you to make that happen. By contrast, 10 hours of 1-1s or group-led programs might take a lot of your time to organise.

So, we can 'buy' high-quality engagement for not much time investment using EA books.

How to get books

We can set you up with book request forms, if you'd like your group to be able to order books quickly & easily.

There are two types of request form:

  1. A bulk order form where you can get large orders of books delivered e.g. for fellowships, or for handing out while tabling
  2. A single order form that you can give to group members to order a EA book directly to them e.g. at 1-1s, advertise on your mailing list

If group members are concerned about data collection, you can let them know that we delete your address after we send you the book, and we never send anything they didn't ask for.


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